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"Let God's Word fill your memory, rule your heart and guide your steps."
(RBC Ministries"Our Daily Bread" March 10, 2010)

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Christian  Family  Bible  Studies

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on the link and click "Save Target As...          Notable Women of the Bible
     1.  Esther   -   Colin Harrison                51     
2.  Rahab   -   Ian Wilson                      43
3.  Hannah  -  Harrold Steward             32
      4.  Abigail   -   Colin  Harrison              44
5.  Sarah    -   Ian Wilson                      48
      6.  The 2 Marys -  Alan Bailey             46
      7.  The Samaritan Woman - Harrold Steward    36
      8.  Ruth       -   Doug Davis                   34
      9.  Jezebel   -   Ian Wilson                     51



Study the Bible



  "Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analysing and accurately dividing - rightly handling and skilfully teaching - the Word of Truth."   2 Tim.2:15   Amplified New Testament

    320+ BIBLE STUDIES by Dr. Harrold Steward.
    60+ bible based STORIES FOR CHILDREN by Gwenda Steward

    170+ FAMILY ARTICLES describing real family situations with biblical applications.

    12 series of BIBLE STUDIES in mp3 format are available to LISTEN to or DOWNLOAD for you to hear later.


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Precious Memories

A Week in the Life of a Child of the King
A Grandfather Recounts His Early Years
A Grandfather's Early Days Part 2
  God Has Lavished His Love on Us
Dr. Jim McMillan Promoted to Glory
God Raised Up OCF for His Eternal Glory
Passing to Glory - Rubina's Sister                                               

"Managing Trauma’s Effects on the Practitioner."
( as tested and tried in Rwanda)     John Steward

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The Passport for Heaven booklets are a very attractive, easy and non-offensive way to share the message of Jesus Christ with family, friends and contacts.


The Many Names of Christ

    The previous series of studies, are available for
       "Sin, Its Nature, Consequence & Remedy"  
       "Golden Chapters of the Bible"                    
       "The Attributes of God"                                
       "Studies in the Life of Christ"                    
       "Great Prayers of the Bible"
       "Favourite Psalms"
       "God, The Holy Spirit
       "The Doctrine of Man"                                 
       "The Ten Commanments"                           
        "Studies in Prophecy"                                  
        "God's Wonderful Book -- The Bible"        
        "Great Texts of the Bible"

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